Little Girl Dresses

I’m still playing a little bit of catch up with the things I’ve sewn and thought it would be fun to share the two dresses that I sewed for Vanessa last month. Her birthday is in July, so I sewed the peach-colored eyelet dress for her and finished it just in time! I used some fabric that I got at … Continue reading “Little Girl Dresses”

Hey June Halifax Hoodie

This is a very late blog post and I will try my best to include all of the information that I usually do, but I made this 2+ years ago. In October 2021, I made my family dinosaur hoodies for Halloween, and I apparently never blogged about it! I did post it on Instagram, but a blog post wasn’t on … Continue reading “Hey June Halifax Hoodie”

Blog + Life Update

Hi friends! Just a little blog name update — This is now The Sewing Things Blog! When I started blogging 6 years ago, I had just started sewing, and still wasn’t committed (read: scared) to making this a sewing blog. My husband and I did a lot of different things that I would blog about, so ‘The Doing Things Blog’ … Continue reading “Blog + Life Update”