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This is a very late blog post and I will try my best to include all of the information that I usually do, but I made this 2+ years ago. In October 2021, I made my family dinosaur hoodies for Halloween, and I apparently never blogged about it! I did post it on Instagram, but a blog post wasn’t on my mind, I guess.

Seeing as I’m not someone who really wants to wear a dino hoodie all the time, I decided to do a little updating to this hoodie now that my son is older and he wouldn’t be as upset about me cutting my dino plates off. Plus, he’s grown out of his now, so I feel like we can finally move on. Haha.

Here’s a little before photo of our hoodies. Braden’s hoodie is the free raglan sweatshirt from Brindle & Twig that I not so professionally made it into a zip up hoodie. Haha. It worked though, and he wore it until he didn’t fit in anymore!

For mine and Dallas’s, I used the Halifax Hoodie by Hey June. It’s not a unisex pattern, but I made it that way by straightening the side seams. Voila! I obviously had to lengthen the sleeves and bodice pieces because Dallas is 6’6, but other than that, I followed the pattern.

For mine, I made the size large and didn’t make any changes! I just went and double checked my traced pattern pieces, so it’s just a long pattern as is. My measurements (B38, W33, H42) are pretty similar now, so it still fits just fine.

To update my dino hood, I just cut the plates off as much as I could, and hand stitched it shut over the top of them. The hood is a bit awkwardly shaped now, but I don’t actually wear hoods, so I’m just happy to not have the neon pink showing anymore. I also took the drawstring out because I made the holes way too far up. Not sure if that was my fault or if that’s where the pattern has you put them.

All of our hoodies are made with 95% cotton/5% spandex French terry. They are so soft and comfortable, and I’m so excited that I can wear mine like a regular hoodie again! It’s so nice when a garment fix is that easy and you feel like you’ve added something new to your closet.

In these photos I’m wearing my Halifax with a Union St Tee and Hudson Pants.

I don’t really remember what my experience sewing the hoodies was like, but they all turned out pretty good and they’re holding up great! The one thing Dallas remembers is that I sewed them all really fast the week right before Halloween – so there’s that! The Halifax Hoodie has so many different variation options, and I really need to make another one soon.

As always, let me know if you have any questions, and happy hoodie sewing!

2 thoughts on “Hey June – Halifax Hoodie”

  1. I have been having trouble finding a good hoodie, so I might venture to purchase the pattern and make this one. 💕

    1. Adrianna with Hey June makes really good patterns, and I am a huge fan of them! You would have to print and tape it together, but it’s not all that bad. If you end up making it, I would just watch the placement of the buttonholes in the hood, because I think they might be up too high. You can always call or text me if you have questions. 🙂

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