Sweater Weather – Part 2

Hi friends! Well, I promised a part 2, and here it is! If you missed Part 1, you can read that post by clicking here.

Both of these sweaters are the Page Hoodie by Chalk and Notch. The burgundy sweater is view B with the full sleeve, and the cinnamon sweater is view B with the slim sleeve. For both versions, I used the Page Neckband pattern piece that is a free add-on through the Chalk and Notch website.

This fabric is a sweater double knit from Style Make Fabrics and it’s amazing! I loved it so much that I bought these two colors, and some in the color black for my MIL… and probably more in black for me too. It’s a really nice mid-weight fabric, it’s so soft and has good drape (as you can tell from these photos). The fabric content is poly/rayon/spandex which I’m okay with because there are some really cold days where I have to wear a lot of layers if I’m wearing cotton/spandex. I’ve noticed that the sweaters and shirts I have that actually keep me warm during the winter all have poly in them.

I did a couple things different with these two Page Sweaters than I have before. I usually use the length from view A and then sew the hem bands on like normal, but this time I added an extra 1/2″ to view A’s length. I also lengthened the slim sleeves by 1″.

I’ve noticed that some Page Hoodies with the full sleeves look a little bit too long and seem a little droopy. And since this fabric has more drape, I really wanted to make sure I avoided that look. I compared the sleeve pattern pieces and the full sleeve is actually longer than the slim! So, I only added .5″ to that pattern piece so that my sleeves on both sweaters would end up being the same length.

I LOVE the Page Hoodie for a good sweatshirt pattern. It has the perfect amount of ease for being a little oversized, but not too much. I was a little nervous about how I would like the full sleeves because I don’t really like the big sleeve trend, but these are perfect for me. They’re not so big that I feel uncomfortable, and they are actually really cute! I also love the crew neckline and the more fitted cuffs in this pattern.

In Part 1 I said that “this is the perfect raglan pattern”, and it’s definitely one of my favorites, but as I was getting dressed today, I realized I had totally forgotten about the Lane Raglan! If you are more into a closer-fitted sweater, the Lane Raglan by Hey June is my other favorite. I made 3 of them 4 years ago and still have 2 of them that I wear regularly. The neckline tends to be a little wide for my preference, but I have a tutorial in this blog post that shows you how to easily adjust the neckline of a raglan. So, if the Page isn’t really your style, you should definitely check out the Lane. Here’s the hashtag if you want to see others: #laneraglan

That might wrap up my sweater sewing for the winter, or I might be making another black sweater with the same fabric pretty soon. Lol.

Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions, let me know in the comments! Happy sweater sewing!

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