Tello Jacket

I just want to start out by sharing that I bought this fabric in November 2018. Shortly afterwards, in January 2019 I went ahead and bought this pattern… It’s April 2021, ya’ll! The last time I had made anything like this was in October 2016 when I made the Lonetree Jacket. That jacket took a lot of work, and I … Continue reading “Tello Jacket”

Unfolding Jacket

I never felt very motivated to sew jackets or coats while we were living in California (that’s when I really started to sew more, in general). But now that we live in the PNW, I have really felt the pull to make some jackets. I’ve learned that you pretty much need a jacket year round here, so I didn’t just … Continue reading “Unfolding Jacket”

Aprons of 2021

It didn’t occur to me, until the end of last year, that I had never owned an apron (cooking, shop, craft, etc). But one day, Dallas was cooking some chicken with his brand new button up shirt that I had just made him, and some of the grease was popping onto his clothes. I had never really cared about his … Continue reading “Aprons of 2021”