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Tabitha Tank by Anna Zoe Sews | The Sewing Things Blog

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect tank top pattern, and I’ve found it! This is the Tabitha Tank by Anna Zoe Sews (sizes up to 49″ bust & 51.5″ hip) and it’s FREE if you sign up for her newsletter! You can easily sign up by scrolling to the bottom of her website and adding your email.

Last year I made the Blomma Tank by Paradise Patterns (also free with newsletter sign up) a few times, and I wear them all the time. The Blomma is a close-fitting tank, so I was looking for a more loose-fitting, like a t-shirt. I tried the Lorna by Bertina Paris, but I wasn’t thrilled with the results or the size range.

After I shared my Lorna, a friend from the sewing community shared the Tabitha Tank with me, and I downloaded it immediately! The pattern goes up to a size 20, so a few sizes larger than the Lorna, and the fit is much more accurate.

Tabitha Tank by Anna Zoe Sews | The Sewing Things Blog
Tabitha Tank by Anna Zoe Sews | The Sewing Things Blog

I used a 90% cotton/10% spandex that I got from a local fabric shop, Bispos Tecidos. It’s pretty lightweight and soft, plus they had quite a few other colors, so I’m excited to go back for more.

The pattern works best for fabrics with 40% stretch, which isn’t very much, so cotton spandex is great. The pattern does list other fabrics, but if your fabric has a stretch percentage that is a lot higher, you may have to shorten the neck and armbands to make sure they lay nicely and don’t get stretched out.

This was my first time doing the topstitching around the neck and armbands. I’m usually too scared to do the topstitching because I’m afraid I’m going to completely mess it up, especially when it’s usually done at the very end. But this cotton/spandex was really nice to sew, so I wasn’t super worried that it was going to stretch weird or pucker.

Tabitha Tank by Anna Zoe Sews | The Sewing Things Blog
Tabitha Tank by Anna Zoe Sews | The Sewing Things Blog

I made the size 12, which is a size up from what I should have made, but I’ll explain. I am a size 10 C-cup in the bust and a size 12 in the hips. So instead, I just did the straight size 12 B-cup. I might try different sizing another time, but I’m really happy with this fit for now. I also made view A which is the longer view, and I didn’t have to make a single alteration.

This pattern is one of my absolute favorites now, and I’m excited to make more for this summer. I might even scheme about making it as a dress too. The options are endless when you know how to sew!

Thank you for reading my blog today, and happy sewing! xoxo

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