Coralie Bijasson – Effigie Shirt

I definitely missed the “Barbie core” craze last year, but I was still just as excited to sew this hot pink shirt. My inspiration was the Fushia Maxence Shirt from Sezane. Theirs is made with silk, which drapes a lot better, but I wasn’t worried about that detail. I liked the fit and color the most, so this turned out exactly how I was hoping!

This pattern is the Effigie Shirt by Coralie Bijasson. It comes in two separate size ranges: 34/48 & 48/56. They’re a French company, but luckily their patterns come in French and English. The instructions were great, and the notches all matched up perfectly.

I made the size 44 since that’s what is closest to my body measurements. I love that the fit is loose, but not too oversized. I think going up one size in the future for a looser look would be cool.

Effigie Shirt by Coralie Bijasson | The Sewing Things Blog
Effigie Shirt by Coralie Bijasson | The Sewing Things Blog

I’m not someone who normally puts pockets on shirts, but on this shirt, I’m really glad that I added them. I also really liked the curved hem, and luckily had enough fabric left to do a bias bound hem, which I love to do anytime I get the chance. It’s so much easier to get around curves and looks really nice.

The only adjustment I made was to add 2″ in length to the bodice. It probably wouldn’t hurt to lengthen the sleeves a little bit, but I like when they’re just the right length that they don’t get in my way or make me feel like I need to roll them up. I thought about moving the pockets down a little bit, but I’m glad that I didn’t, because they were already in the perfect spot.

I was so happy to find the perfect matching buttons at a local fabric store. They blend right in, and I like that they don’t distract from the shirt. I’m actually one button short, but I can’t bring myself to go back to the store for one single button (lol), so I’ll just save it for my next trip when I need a few more things.

Effigie Shirt by Coralie Bijasson | The Sewing Things Blog
Effigie Shirt by Coralie Bijasson | The Sewing Things Blog
Effigie Shirt by Coralie Bijasson | The Sewing Things Blog

This fabric is an organic cotton poplin in the color Rose Violet from Divazus. It was so nice to sew, and since it’s a poplin and has a tighter weave, I didn’t have any problems with the fabric stretching out. I love the idea of making another Effigie in light green (my inspiration) or a blue and white stripe (my inspiration).

I’ve really enjoyed wearing button up shirts recently, and they’re a nice layering piece too. This is also my favorite color, so I’m excited to finally get to wear it. I’m hoping that the brightness of it doesn’t make me avoid wearing it, because it really is so pretty.

Thank you for reading my blog today, and happy sewing! xoxo

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