Me Made May Reflections

And just like that, it’s already the end of May! I hope that means that you’ve had warmer days lately. We’ve finally made it past the rainy days in the Lisbon area, and I’m so happy that summer is here.

Every year during the month of May, the sewing community has a fun challenge called ‘Me Made May,’ and I have done my best to participate for the past 5 years. I try to wear at least one me-made thing each day and share a quick photo of it. If I try to do a whole photo shoot with a tripod, I overthink it, so mirror selfies are usually what I end up with.

I’ve never shared my photos from the me-made month on my blog, so I thought it would be a fun thing to try out. Here are all of my outfits in chronological order that I wore this year (top left starting with May 1st). I’m not going to list all of the patterns I wore, but you can find the lists on my round up posts on Instagram, or you can ask below in the comments, and I’ll let you know what patterns I used.

Me Made May Day 1

I started sewing in 2015, and it took a few years before I felt confident with my wardrobe to participate almost every day. I remember the days of seeing everyone’s posts and feeling a little bit of FOMO, though. Nine years later, most of my tops, dresses, and about half of my bottoms are all me-made, and it’s a good feeling.

What I didn’t love this month: When we moved a year ago, I tried to just bring garments that I really loved to wear, but my selection wasn’t perfect. This was a good exercise to notice which tops I was avoiding because they don’t bring me joy.

I also had a few pairs of shorts that I’ve now realized that they just aren’t fitting quite right. I also gravitated towards bottoms that weren’t so snug around my waist, so I may need to adjust the elastic in a few things.

What I loved this month: This reconfirmed my love for wearing button up shirts! There are also some days that I really just want to keep things simple and comfortable, so I love a good t-shirt or tank top.

My favorite bottoms that I wore were my green wide-legged Free Range Slacks and my cinnamon-colored Saturday Shorts.

Sewing plans for the future: I just purchased the Cynthia Shirt by Viki Sews, and I’m excited to make one in a blue and white stripe (like this), or a light green (like this). I absolutely love my panther Genra Shirt, so I’m going try out the long sleeve view with some really colorful fabric.

I really want to make some cream colored, wide-legged Free Range Slacks and possibly some Saturday Shorts in the same color. I’ve made the Saturday Shorts in black but would wear them so much more if I could fix the crotch curve, or maybe just try making them again.

I have all of the main supplies like fabric and patterns for all of these, so I’m looking forward to my next sewing projects and continuing to share them with you!

Thank you for reading my blog today, and happy sewing! xoxo

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2 thoughts on “Me Made May Reflections”

  1. I love your blog. You do such a great job of telling your story. It was 2015 when I started back to school. So we have traveled similar paths of learning. I believe I have become a much more tolerant person through my journey. I love to hear your adventures and your honest growth through life! You are awesome! 💕

    1. Thanks Grandma! I forgot that you started school at the same time! It has been a long journey of learning. ❤️

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