You Do You, Mommy

When I was pregnant, I didn’t really think about the way I was going to feed Braden. I knew that nursing was a natural and healthy option for feeding him, but I was grateful to know there were backup options (like formula) if I had any problems. I had heard so many different moms who said that nursing is the best … Continue reading “You Do You, Mommy”

Braden Danger’s Birth Story

Saturday, November 26 – It’s a no go. The Saturday after Thanksgiving, I started having contractions. Since Dallas’s whole family was at his grandparents house (where we live), they were all super excited that I would have the baby while they were all there. We went to Labor & Deliver (L&D) Saturday morning with contractions that weren’t very bad, but … Continue reading “Braden Danger’s Birth Story”

33 Weeks & Counting

Dallas and I took a trip to Cedar last week, and before we left we drove up Cedar Canyon to see the pretty fall leaves. Everything in St. George is still either really green, or brown…Not very fall like. It was a nice drive, and we pulled off to the side of the road to take some fun pictures. Tripod family … Continue reading “33 Weeks & Counting”

21 Weeks & Grateful

Two weeks ago we had our 18-20 weeks ultrasound, and we asked the technician to write the gender in an envelope. That weekend at our gender reveal party, my sisters went in their room and opened it and filled 2 black balloons with blue or pink, and we popped them to find out the gender! (Here’s the video – complete with … Continue reading “21 Weeks & Grateful”