Children’s Geranium Dresses

This is the Geranium Dress by Made by Rae paired with the bloomers pattern by Wiksten. I really love how they both turned out. I made the size 0-3 months (that size is free!) and it fit Vanessa perfectly at 2 weeks old! She was born 10lb 6oz though, so she was a little bigger than most babies at that age. I made it for her to wear as a blessing dress, and she managed to wear it the whole event without ruining it with a blow out! Haha.

I loved the pattern, although I’m not so good with little, tiny, fiddly fabric pieces and was a bit of a challenge at the smallest size. I did like it enough that I bought the rest of the sizes though. My cousin had her birthday coming up and I wanted to try making it again in her size (5T) to redeem myself.

I was going through my fabric to see what I had leftovers of, and I had EXACTLY the right amount of this fabric left over from when I made my Willamette x Carolyn mashup last summer. I had so much fun playing with the stripe direction and love how it turned out! My cousin loved it too. 🙂

Happy Geranium sewing!

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