21 Weeks & Grateful

Two weeks ago we had our 18-20 weeks ultrasound, and we asked the technician to write the gender in an envelope. That weekend at our gender reveal party, my sisters went in their room and opened it and filled 2 black balloons with blue or pink, and we popped them to find out the gender! (Here’s the video – complete with my uncle’s enthusiasm in the background).
We are so happy to be having a BOY! Everyone has been so supportive, and we are so grateful!
I grew up in a house of all girls, so I don’t really know as well what you’re supposed to do with boys, but that’s ok! My dad is beyond thrilled, and my sister-in-law is having a baby boy any day now (hooray for playmates)! So it’s exciting for both of our families.
My friend Stephanie wrote a “taking stock” blog post when she was pregnant with her first, and I thought it would be fun to do too, so here it goes!

making: a card for my dad’s birthday. Also made a lot of stuff at work today.
cooking: Not today. Dallas and I worked all day, so it’s frosted strawberry mini wheats for me 🙂
drinking: ALL of the Simply raspberry lemonade – we are so addicted
reading: tutorials on how to do things I’ve forgotten how to do for work.
looking: out the window at how nice it looks outside
playing: our play is taking a nap on the couch. Work has been pretty exhausting lately.
wasting: my time procrastinating packing…
sewing: 🙁 I am so sad to say I haven’t had very much time for that lately. But I crave it daily when I see so many cute clothes on my Instagram.
wishing: I knew what came next
enjoying: my 2nd trimester. I definitely feel much more normal now, and I’m grateful for that.
waiting: always waiting on something, right? jobs, baby, moving… 
hoping: I can meet my next work deadline. 6 days and 34 pages and I just started today. Wish me luck!
marveling: at some of the women I follow on Instagram. I swear some of them are superwomen. I have tried really hard to say “I can do things like that too” instead of getting myself down thinking I’ll never do anything super cool. Social media is killer sometimes.
needing: homemade Reeces shakes almost every night. mmm…
smelling: the lavender on my table
wearing: all of the maternity clothes. Guys. They are so comfortable. I finally have a wardrobe of basic maternity tee’s and shorts that rock and I have NO idea what I’m going to wear after I have this baby.
following: all the inspiring, cool people on Instagram. Wow. I swear I do more than look at Instagram, but really what else is there to follow?
noticing: that I’ve never weighed this much before in my whole life and it’s exhausting sometimes
knowing: that I can do this, but just really really nervous and scared. But at least my excitement is sort of starting to outweigh those two things. In my first trimester I had a hard time saying out loud that I was excited.
thinking: always thinking. Some days I think too much and completely stress myslef out, but today my brain is pretty fried.
wanting: a new job for Dallas so that we don’t have to stay in limbo in St. George for too long
hurry up:  and get all the projects done for work before the college semester starts
liking: that God gave me all of this work to do during my 2nd trimester. I hear the 1st and 3rd are the most rough. He has impeccable timing in my life.
wondering: if I can do this. All of this.
loving: summer – please never leave
bookmarking: all of the cool design sites on my computer
opening: the prego journal Word doc on my computer again. I felt better writing things down in my first trimester because I was so frustrated that I felt so weird and miserable all of the time. It’s a good time to open it and write about the good things too.
giggling: at Dallas. I’m so glad I married someone who knows how to make my laugh.
feeling: grateful, healthy, and feeling kicks! On Sunday I was laying on my back and I was VERY sure that it was baby boy kicking. Dallas has felt it multiple times since then too. 🙂

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