33 Weeks & Counting

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Dallas and I took a trip to Cedar last week, and before we left we drove up Cedar Canyon to see the pretty fall leaves. Everything in St. George is still either really green, or brown…Not very fall like. It was a nice drive, and we pulled off to the side of the road to take some fun pictures. Tripod family pictures for the win! (Dallas’ mom is going to take actual maternity pictures for us this week, and I’m SO excited.)

I haven’t done a pregnancy update in a while, so I figured this was as good a chance as any!

how far along are you? // 33 weeks… 7 more, ready or not!

due date // December 7, 2016

total weight gain // …30 lbs.

countdown // 48 days! (ish)

maternity clothes // I have been trying to hold back from buying more, since I only have 7 weeks to go. I do have enough to get me through a week or two. Plus, I should probably look into what clothes I have that are nursing friendly… Also, I never want to wear jeans that have to button ever again. #maternityjeansforever

stretch marks? // I think I might have little ones on my sides… I’ve been using the Mama Bee Burt’s Bees stuff, but not sure how much it helps when my skin just wants to explode.

sleep? // It takes me a while to fall asleep, but once I’m asleep I do great. I have to make sure not to flex or stretch my legs at all while I’m going to sleep or else it triggers restless legs from hell…

best moments // Setting up the crib at the base of our bed, and organizing/putting things away from our baby showers. This baby is extremely blessed with lots of family and friends who love him so much already!

movement // Plenty of that! I don’t even count every day like the doctor told me to because every day after I eat, lay down, sit down…or breathe basically, it’s like a kick-fest.

food cravings // Still no “cravings” – just me being a girl and having more of an excuse to get what I want. 😉 Usually ice cream, sprite, or cookies. See? Just the usual.

belly button in or out? // Depends on how much I eat. Usually it’s more of a flatty, if that’s a thing. I showed my sisters my belly button over the weekend, and they were amazed. haha

symptoms // Basically Tylenol and Gas-X are my friends, or else I just end up laying on the floor and moaning because my body hurts.

wedding ring on or off? // It still fits, so I wear it. Thankfully no swelling [yet]!

happy or moody? // Mostly just really tired. I haven’t felt very moody. Thankfully all of my big work projects are over, or I think I would feel more stressed/moody.

looking forward to… // Sleeping on my stomach, walking not hurting, and fitting into my medium size t-shirts again.

5 thoughts on “33 Weeks & Counting”

  1. Love the pictures! And I love that cute bump. It was so fun to see you on Sunday. I can’t wait to meet baby boy!

    1. Thank you Skyler!! We loved seeing you too, and we’ll have to plan another stop when we go up north in December so you can meet him! 🙂

  2. Oh. it is m e again. Never felt Jennifer move. I sure was ignorant, but then I was almost 30. Unfortunately her father and I divorced in 1975 – married 12 years. RESTLESS LEGS FROM HELL !How many days, count eeth me,, that I missed teaching days in over 20 years from RLS. Was on a visit here to see daughter and family in 200? and called my Dr. in Rapid City, nurse had it DX spot on and got RX. I am never without this RX. I tossed and turned and by the time it was ready to go to school, too tired to get dressed, however I have CFIDS – Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome, of 35 years.

    I worked up until the day before she was born. Ex was controlling, however, I did what I was told. Take care sweet lady!

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