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What in nature are you grateful for?

I’m deciding that this counts – I am grateful for the colors in nature. It always amazes me how the colors of everything in nature are so deep and beautiful. It’s even hard to capture it inΒ a picture because it’s just so much more beautiful in real life.

Think about it. Everyone is going crazy right now because the fall leaves are amazing colors. The sunset every night is always so different, but never ceases to amaze me with it’s colors. Even the mountains during the different times of day look so different, but always so beautiful.

God didn’t even have to make everything so beautiful, but I know he did it purely because he loves us so much and he knew that we would appreciate it. At least he hopes that most of us would go out and take time to appreciate it. I’ve found that going for a walk is great way to do that (in case you needed ideas – because it’s easier to motivate myself to walk than it is for me to motivate myself to run). πŸ™‚

So, what are you grateful for today (nature or other)?

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