Lonetree Jacket

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Pattern: Lonetree Jacket
Fabric: Denim (Cotton 98%, Spandex 2%) from JoAnn’s

First of all, I am totally mind blown that I made this jacket.

I was so excited when Allie with Indiesew shared that she was making a utility jacket pattern (her first pattern!) and needed pattern-testers. I definitely didn’t really think about what I was getting into, since I had never sewn something this difficult before.

Testing the pattern always has it’s little hiccups, but I am still really happy with how it turned out. This is my tester jacket, but I plan on making more in the future (when I get my energy back), especially since option B of the pattern is a vest!

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When I was looking at fabric to use, Dallas showed me this blue/black denim material, and I knew I had to jump on that because denim jackets and chambray button-ups are not something my husband is a fan of (hence, why I don’t own any).

The fabric has a little bit of stretch to it, and it was my first time working with denim, but I thought it was really easy to work with and ironed really well (once Dallas’ grandma let me use her iron). I never realized how big of  a game changer having a good iron is when you’re sewing, but I’m working on investing in my own now (probably this one).

We’re living with Dallas’ grandparents right now, and his grandma was a HUGE lifesaver – helping me with the pockets and reading through instructions on things that I hadn’t done before.

For being super pregnant, you will be impressed to know that I didn’t cry a single tear while making this! It did take 4-5 days of me getting up the motivation to start working on it for a few hours a day, and on the last day I finished the collar, zipper, and hemming all on my own!

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There is so much utility jacket inspiration on Pinterest that I seriously can’t make up my mind on how to make my next jacket or vest. You can make the jacket or vest, optional hood, and have tons of fun with a different colored fabric for the inside of the jacket and hood. There is also one tester who made the jacket without adding interfacing at all so that the jacket wasn’t quite as stiff.

Click here for the PATTERN

How would you make your utility jacket/vest? What is the hardest thing you’ve ever sewn?

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  1. Oh man! I’m in love with the entire outfit!!! And the booties!!!!! Where can I get me some??? Gorgeous!!

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