What tradition are you grateful for?

Well, this question came at a good time! (since I’m still just drawing these out of a bag)

Every year growing up, my dad always made a ginger bread house before Christmas, and then on new years we were allowed to break it. Usually by the time New Years came around, the candy and frosting were always super stale and not good to eat anymore. But we all knew that Dad loved making it, and we had fun helping and seeing how it turned out every year.

When I asked Dallas what his favorite tradition was, he said, “eating food”– a little bit sarcasticly, but also seriously. Since we are just barely starting our family, we haven’t really had a huge motivation to start any traditions of our own, yet. But when I think about Christmas and Thanksgiving, I think of all of the food that I look forward to.

I love marshmallows with sweet potatoes, homemade eggnog (it’s basically ruined me from being able to drink store-bought), and the homemade noodles that my mom makes and serves over mashed potatoes. It’s so silly that you can totally make these things ANY time of year, but the holidays are special,Β andΒ you make an extra effort to make it nice and memorable.

So I would have to agree with Dallas when he said the food is his favorite tradition. But since we don’t really have any exclusive traditions for our little family, it’s fun to know what other people do so that we can do fun things with our family in the future.

So what tradition are you grateful for? Do you have one that you love, that we should try?

4 thoughts on “Grati-Tuesday”

  1. Mmm…food! That definitely has to be my favorite tradition too! πŸ˜‚πŸͺ🍦🍞🍎🍩 BUT, I also love doing a gratitude tree with my kids and cutting a Christmas Tree, and we have a twenty five days of Christmas book that we do each night of December until Christmas, and I LOVE making pies with Maben! Ahh! I am so excited for all the holidays now!

    1. I love all of these Skyler!! I forgot that we’ve been doing a thankful poster the past two years and we really like it. I need to get a 25 days of Christmas book because it sounds like it would be so fun! Especially once kids start getting older.

  2. Yeah, food is great! Stresses me out when I’m the one preparing it, however, because I’m afraid it will be gross or not enough to feed everyone :/
    For a few years now, after Halloween, our family has covered the closet door with a huge paper. At the top the paper reads: “What I’m Thankful For”. It’s fun to see what others write πŸ™‚ I like that it makes me more aware of things to be thankful for all the month of November and not just on Thanksgiving Day.
    I also like to hug my girls and tell them I love them, every night before going to bed. Does that count as a tradition?
    Oh! And I can’t forget m&m bingo to keep the kids quiet during General Conference!! Who cares if my baby is 16! Still works πŸ™‚

    1. These are are great traditions Mom! We like doing the thankful poster too, and I’m pretty sure I got that idea from you. πŸ™‚

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