DIY Poncho [Sewing Tutorial]

Fabric: Wool fabric from Joann
Dallas and I were shopping a few weeks ago and I found the cutest poncho at Ross, but when I picked it up to look at it, all I could think was, “I can totally make this!” Then, when I found this perfect fabric at Joann’s, project poncho was go.
I found a couple different poncho ideas on Pinterest, and they were all pretty similar and simple. I was worried it wouldn’t stay on while I was wearing it, since there aren’t technically any sleeves or anything to hold it on. But I ended up wearing this on Thanksgiving, and it stayed put so well that I don’t think I’ll add anything else to it.

1. Fold your fabric the way it will be folded over your body. Cut the fabric to be the width and length that you want. Mine was too wide, so I cut off what I didn’t need.

2. Unfold and refold fabric lengthwise (hot dog style, if you understand that lingo). Find and mark your halfway point. (Mine just looks shorter on the left side because I folded the fabric on top of each other to fit in the shot.)

3. Start cutting on the folded edge, at the halfway mark. Cut off about an inch with a rounded edge (where it will go around your neck).

4. Now hem all of the sides and you’re done! (I serged around the whole thing first and then folded it under to hem. I also looked up how to miter the corners to make them nice and neat.)



I pulled this out of my closet a couple of months ago when we had a few chilly days in the Bay, and I was trying to decide what to do with it since it didn’t get very much wear last year (partly because I was pregnant and always burning up).

I decided to sew up the two sides, leaving about 20 inches open at the sleeves, and making 3 inch vents on the bottom side seams. It’s much easier to wear now, and I have worn it a few times already! Plus it was killing me to think if getting rid of it, because — the colors!! 😍 It basically matches every shirt in my closet and now I wear it way more often! WIN.

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