Today I am grateful to be able to talk to my mom on the phone every day. That’s probably a little crazy to some people, and others would avoid having to talk to their mom every day, but I’ve made it a thing to call my mom everyday on the phone.

Last year we were both having a hard time, and my dad told me that every time I called my mom on the phone she would lighten up and be a lot happier. After that, I decided it would be a good idea to call every day.

Sometimes she needs it. Sometimes I need it. But I have noticed that if I’m too busy to call or I skip a day or two, we both are a little bit down.

I am grateful to have such a good relationship with my mom and that cell phones allow me to be able to hear her voice every day.

When’s the last time you called your mom? 🙂

What are you grateful for today? Please, share in the comments!

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