If we’re being honest, I am crazy for taking three studio classes (after I already graduated) for “fun”. I know this Grati-Tuesday is totally late, but I can’t bring myself to skip it.

Today, I am grateful for Grati-Tuesday. I know there are only a few who actually read these, and to those people – You are rock stars. Grati-Tuesday has helped me so much over the last 35 weeks (whoa!), and I hope that it has made a difference in others’ lives too.

I am generally a very pessimistic person, and I try really hard not to be, but life is hard sometimes! (Ok, a lot of the time.) But committing to myself and to the people who read and contribute to Grati-Tuesday has improved my outlook on a lot of things.

I find myself really trying to look for something that I am grateful for in hard situations. I find myself naming off all of the things I am grateful for that day in my prayers. I find myself thanking my husband and the people around me more often, because it’s easier to notice the things they do for me.

I think that gratitude is something people feel, but it’s hard for them to express out loud or fully wrap their minds around. I have a hard time with it some days too, but I know that if I am writing it down or sharing it with others, it changes my life and theirs.

So here’s the question. What are you grateful for today? I would love to know in the comments below!

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