Christmas Stockings

Merry Christmas! Today’s project is a little bit different than my usual clothes sewing project, but I was so excited that these stockings turned out so good, and I wanted to share.

We had very limited bag space when we moved in June, so holiday decor was pretty low on my packing priority list. When it got closer to December, I asked the kids what they wanted that would make it feel more like Christmas.

One of Braden’s number one things was stockings. He’s continued to remind me throughout the month that we needed to make them, but I was waiting for the green lining fabric. Once it finally got here, we all got sick, so I’m cutting it really close, but they’re finally done!

The main fabric is fabric from some Ikea table runners that I bought in November. I used two table runners to cut the stockings, and then I used the third one that I bought to cover the bottom of our Christmas tree. The lining is a green cotton from Divazus.

I wanted to make them really simple like this, but it’s hard to find a tutorial on how to sew them without a cuff. I ended up watching a YouTube Video by Tidbits & Company and it was really helpful. In the video, she is sewing mini stockings, but I freehanded the size and shape of mine. With cutting included, they took a total of 3 hours.

When I finished the first stocking just to test and make sure I did it right, I showed Braden, and he stuck his fist all the way into it and pulled it out with a thumbs up. Haha. So, I think he approves! He was very excited and wanted to hang them up, although I don’t have a plan for that yet.

It was fun to learn to sew something new, and thankfully it wasn’t very time consuming. I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season, and if you need to whip up some stockings, I love the way these turned out! Happy sewing! xoxo

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