Staying Cozy in the Jarrah Sweater

The Jarrah Sweater by Megan Nielsen has been on my list ever since it was released, and I finally got around to making it! I made this towards the end of pregnancy, and when October rolled around and temperatures dropped, I realized that I fit into it! Then I wore it for 3 days straight. Haha.

This fabric is the ultra plush stripe texture sweater knit in hunter from Style Maker Fabrics, and it’s amazing. I’ve been dreaming of having a green sweater for years, and when Michelle (from Style Maker) showed me this fabric, I bought it right away. I also wanted the vanilla color SO badly, and I tried to resist. But, after making this green version, I just went for it!

There are SO many great colors of this fabric, so you should check it out. It’s the perfect weight – not too heavy and not too light, and I really like the texture. I wear both of mine all the time, and they are so comfortable. When I washed and dried the green, I noticed it pilled a tiny bit, so now I make sure to just lay it flat to dry.

When I finished the vanilla sweater, my husband said, “Ooo, fancy!” So now it’s my fancy sweater. Haha. I made the two sweaters exactly the same except the hems.


  • Added 1″ width to the sleeve cuffs (1/2″ once folded)
  • Added 1″ width to the hem band (1/2″ once folded)
  • Added 1/2″ width to the neckband (1/4″ once folded)
  • Added 1/2″ to the sleeve length
  • Added a few inches to the bodice length (can’t remember how much)

For the vanilla sweater, I used my sewing machine and did a zigzag stitch for the sleeves and side seams and stopped about 3″ above where I wanted the slit to start. Then I just used a straight stitch and hemmed by about a 1/2″ all around the hem.

Both of these sweaters turned out so pretty and make me not mind “sweater weather” quite so much. 😉 J/K I love sweater weather.

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