2020 Birthday Outfit: Panama Tee + Wrap Skirt

This isn’t quite the 30th birthday that I had in mind, but we’re all having different kinds of birthday celebrations this year, aren’t we? I did still get around to making a birthday outfit and I’m really excited to share it!

This is my all time favorite t-shirt pattern, the Panama Tee, and New Look 6456, which is a wrap skirt.

I have made the Panama Tee (and dress) at least a zillion times (super accurate), and I’ve lost count. I used my favorite fabric, which is cotton modal jersey knit. I bought this fabric from Style Maker Fabrics, but I also bought the same type of fabric from Blackbird Fabrics too. It is my birthday, so I figured I should stick with what I know I’m going to like.

The skirt and fabric were a liiittle outside of my comfort zone, but I was really excited to see how it would turn out. I made the largest size, but I’m still a few inches larger at the waist from, ya know, having a baby. But it still fits just fine. 🙂 I was planning to make a bias cut skirt with this fabric, but I had a wrap ballerina skirt when I was little, and I LOVED it, so I searched the internet and found this pattern instead.

As far as “big four” patterns go, this was by far the easiest one I’ve made! I had zero frustrations while making it and the instructions were perfectly clear. Yes, you heard that correctly. The only thing I managed to mess up was ripping right through the button hole at the very, VERY end. Like, that’s literally all I had left. UGH. But I patched it up and it’s fine.

The animal print fabric is a rayon (maybe a rayon poplin?) that I got in LA last year and paid a whooping $2/yard. But if you’ve ever been to LA to buy fabric you know they are VERY generous with the fabric cuts — So I ordered two yards and got closer to three. And it’s a good thing because I used every inch of this fabric for the pattern. Man, I miss living near LA.

I’m SO happy with this outfit, and it came together exactly the way I had it in my head! Now I’m going to make a chocolate cake with Braden, hang out with my family, and order takeout from my favorite Chinese restaurant tonight!

Happy sewing!

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