Mira Dresses

This is the Mira Dress by Fibre Mood, and I love it! I even loved it so much that I made another one that you can see down below.

I bought the pattern when Fibre Mood wasn’t including seam allowances, and I thought my brains were going to explode, but thankfully Fibre Mood has added the seam allowances now, so you don’t have to experience my frustration.

I made a few adjustments with the length of the bodice and added quite a few inches to the tiers, but I don’t remember exactly how much (since it’s been cut out since November). I completely spaced adding pockets or making it nursing friendly, but it has plenty of room, and I was able to wear it up until the very end of my pregnancy. I actually wore it to my 40 week appointment, and at my appointment the next week, the midwife in training said, “You wore a really pretty purple dress last week, right?” Why yes, I did! 😉

This gorgeous fabric was a gift that my sewing friend, Indu, brought back from her trip to India to see her family. She knows how much I love Ikat, and I just can’t even explain how awesome this sewing community is. She is an amazing sewist and you should go to her blog right now (click here)!

This is my second Mira Dress that I omitted the second gathered tier on. I was trying to recreate a Tradlands dress that I really liked. I got SUPER close to the style and color, but it ended up just not getting worn as much because the style and color weren’t right for me — but it is now in the care of a very happy sister! 😉

This time, I remembered to make it nursing friendly! Side seam zippers are one of the easiest mods I’ve seen to make a dress nursing friendly, especially if it’s a looser fitting dress.

Modifications: I sewed the gathered skirt pieces to the front and back bodice separately, and then sewed the side seams with the zippers. I used 14″ invisible zippers for this cotton/linen fabric, and they are perfect!

The bodice is lengthened by 5″ (to my natural waist – if you were able to see it), and the sleeves are 9″ long. I did think about adding pockets, but having side seam zipper + pockets was more than my brain could handle at the moment. This fabric is a cotton/linen that I thrifted.

Happy Mira Dress sewing!

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    1. That fabric is gorgeous! I will have to remember that website the next time I’m looking for ikat. Thank you for sharing!

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