Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

I finished sewing a few tees last December, and at around 15 weeks pregnant, I realized I was going to need some more comfortable pants to get me through since me and maternity jeans don’t really get along. I already had a two pairs of Hudsons (black and grey), but I really wanted an olive green pair and another black pair.

Hudson Pants: I usually lengthen the Hudson pattern (by True Bias), but this time I didn’t AT ALL. I graded from a 12 at the waist to a 10 at the ankles so that the legs were a little slimmer, and it worked out well!

I paired the pants with my 3 new tees, and these 2 pairs of Hudsons (plus my gray ones) really make getting dressed so much easier, because they literally match everything I have, and I’m much more comfortable everyday.

Tee Shirts: The white and green tees that I’m wearing are the Union St Tee by Hey June. I made my normal size, and I love them both! The Union is a comfortable, loose-fitting tee, and it’s a very popular pattern (with good reason). The gray tee is the Astair Tee by French Navy and it’s another one of my favorites. It’s a bit boxier and I love cutting the long sleeve to be a short sleeve. With this version I just rolled the sleeves twice and stitched them in place in four spots.

Fabric: All of these tees are made out of my FAVORITE fabric for tees — cotton modal. I think I bought the gray and white from Blackbird Fabrics, and the green from Style Maker Fabrics. Both shops have since really upped the colors that they stock, and I have gone back to Style Maker to buy 3 more colors for future tees. It’s SO good.

The Hudsons lasted me the whole pregnancy, and the tees lasted me up until my last trimester — after that I just wore some Motherhood Maternity tees that I had instead. Pregnancy is already so uncomfortable, and I was glad to have these pieces to last me through most of it!

One note on body positivity — I was hoping to get pictures of these tees before I started showing too much, but I obviously never got around to it. Then I thought about waiting until after having the baby to share them, but as soon as I thought that, I immediately realized how silly that would be. So I embraced the fact that my half-tuck looks a little strange with my protruding belly, and I took some pictures anyways.

The whole reason I have this account is to inspire and help others with their sewing, and even though we all go through body changes in life, that’s no reason to withhold sharing your makes. Happy comfy clothes sewing!

2 thoughts on “Maternity Capsule Wardrobe”

  1. Lovely makes, thanks for the inspiration! When I was expecting my first baby, I was looking for tips for not-so-much-maternity clothes. I finished wearing leggings all the time, but next time I can see myself making some of the Hudson pants. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you liked these, Veronika! I struggle with the tightness of leggings on me, so these are the perfect alternative. They lasted me all the to the end and I got quite large! So great for postpartum too. I highly recommend trying them.

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