DIY Sequin Skirt

shirt: similar / skirt: made by me / shoes: Payless Fabric: Jo-Ann’s / mesh sequin fabric (diamond pattern) & navy nylon fabric Pattern: Based from this tutorial, a few adjustments made since I had 3 layers. (see sewing notes) ^ I’m a little tea pot, anyone? That’s what Dallas was singing when he took that shot. I’m making a skirt for my … Continue reading “DIY Sequin Skirt”

DIY Striped T-Shirt

Believe it or not, my first attempt at this shirt was a miserable failure. So after crying a lot, taking a break for a few days, and a weekend in St. George, I was ready to try again. Thankfully, I had enough fabric left over to try one more time. As you can tell, the second attempt turned out much … Continue reading “DIY Striped T-Shirt”