Sew House 7 – Free Range Slacks in Black

I’ve made the Free Range Slacks so many times now that I’m starting to feel like a broken record. But at least that’s a good sign that I really love them! …Or a sign that I need to not be so afraid of trying to sew other pants patterns. Haha. You can be the judge.

If you are interested in the adjustments that I made to this pattern, you can find them all in this blog post. I made the tapered view of this pattern and used washed crinkle cotton from Style Maker Fabrics. I originally bought the fabric to make a button up shirt, but after washing it was still pretty crisp. So, I decided the fabric would be better for making a pair of pants, and it worked great! It’s a really nice mid-weight and there are a lot of other colors available too.

These pants feel like an upgrade from sweats, and a nice break from jeans when I don’t feel like wearing them. Black is hard to photograph, but there’s not all that much to see. They’re black pants. Haha. (Worn here with a Monroe Turtleneck w/o the turtleneck.)

And out of the fear that this blog post has been super boring, I thought I would share something that I’ve started doing that I’ve been really liking! Lately, I’ve been pinning to a Pinterest board called recreate the look, and only adding pins that I would be able to recreate with the things I already have in my closet. Usually when I’m looking at my Pinterest boards, I feel overwhelmed about the things that I don’t have, but this one gets me really excited and helps me see the outfits I could literally go into my closet and put together whenever I want to. I also added to the board description: ‘If I ever leave the house…‘. Then laughed at myself because it’s not not true. πŸ˜‰

I don’t have a lot of black pants pinned yet, but I’m hoping the Pinterest algorithm starts showing me similar things soon, and I’ll have a lot more inspiration to go from.

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season and getting some time to sew. Let me know if you have any questions or comments, and happy sewing! xoxo

8 thoughts on “Sew House 7 – Free Range Slacks in Black”

  1. I’ve made Free Range twice and really like them. Have to figure out how to do a flat bum adjustment as there’s lots of fabric that pools at lower bum.

  2. I love the black pants! They look comfortable and stylish! And I went to the “Recreate the look”. Very nice to mix and match. Another wonderful blog! πŸ‘πŸ’•

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