Brumby Skirt + Maternity Photos!

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Dallas’s amazing photographer mom took these photos when I was around 33 weeks, and I love them! She has been doing photography for basically her whole life, so if you need a photographer — she is the best!

When I was deciding what type of outfit to wear for our photos, I knew I wanted to make something. So while I was browsing Pinterest and saw women wearing long maxi skirts over their bumps, all I could think was, “I could totally make that!” (Don’t you love that feeling?). Then I remembered the perfect pattern that I had seen on Indiesew!

This lovely skirt is the Brumby by Megan Nielsen┬á(version 3).┬áIt comes as a paper pattern, so once I had ordered, it came within 2 days. For the bottom layer and waistband fabric, I used a maroon poly/spandex (86% polyester, 14% spandex), and the top layer is a maroon sheer mesh fabric — both from Jo-Ann.

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I added about 10 inches to the bottom so that it would be maxi length on me and narrowed the waistband by about an inch. All of the versions are so cute and I am dying to make version 2 in denim/chambray (pockets!)!

The directions were easy to follow and would have been a lot easier for me if I didn’t have that extra layer. I foresee the next time I make this skirt being much less difficult with just one layer of fabric.

It would take a while if I talked about all of the mistakes I made on this skirt because I chose to do it double-layered,. …So let’s not. I do still love how this skirt turned out, but I definitely should have thought things through a little bit better before starting.

I also think that me and sheer fabric are going to go on a break for a good loooong time. It frayed a bunch and I could not for the life of me figure out how to hem it easily. I ended up just doing the narrow serge, and thankfully these pictures are far enough away, but that was nowhere near perfect either. Any tips on how to sew with sheer/mesh fabric that likes to fray?

brumby-mat-6 brumby-mat-19 brumby-mat-4 brumby-mat-14 brumby-mat-7

Important sewing notes – If you are making a skirt with two layers ONLY sew the fabric together at the top where the waist is. You will most likely want the two layers of fabric to be hemmed and to lay separately. So, sew the same kinds of fabric together the way the pattern shows, THEN sew the top together where it will connect to the waistband. This may be common sense to some people, but for some reason it wasn’t to me.

The zipper was a little bit tricky┬átoo, but I sewed it to both layers at the same time and used a invisible zipper foot (*life changing!*). I think I’m going to add a hook and eye to it eventually so that it stays together in back a little bit better.

brumby-mat-2 brumby-mat-9 brumby-1

It turned out the way that I imagined it would, and I was very happy about that, but if I were to do it over I think I would stick with one layer. The poly/spandex was much easier to work with and I think it still would have turned out really pretty.

I love the different versions of this skirt, and I’m so excited to make more of them! Have you made a Brumby yet? What type of fabric would you use?

Click here for the PATTERN

Pattern was provided by Indiesew, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

10 thoughts on “Brumby Skirt + Maternity Photos!”

  1. Such beautiful maternity photos! That skirt is to die for – the fabric choice was perfect for the photos! I haven’t made a Brumby Skirt yet, but was eyeing it the other day. I would love to make version 1!

  2. That turned out so beautiful! It looks really comfy and flowy, and wearable during a lot of different stages of pregnancy.

    1. Thank you Caitlin! It’s very comfortable, and I’m excited to be able to wear it even post-pregnancy! The gathers make it so versatile.

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