What about your body are you grateful for?

Today, I am grateful to have a healthy body. I feel very lucky to not have any diseases or impairments that would make living life a little bit more challenging. I have complete empathy for those that do, and I realize that I am very blessed to have the body that I do.

Even just to be carry a baby to (almost) full-term now – it’s a blessing that my body is letting me do that. I’m sure that after I have Braden and begin nursing, I will be even more amazed at what the human body can do. I will also be so happy and grateful to be able to walk and run without as much pain anymore.

Just thinking about my heart beating without me even thinking about it, or that my arms, legs, and eyes do what I want them, when I want them to, amazes me.

This is such a good thing to stop and think about, because we probably take our bodies for granted a lot of the time. And with Thanksgiving in a couple of days, this is a great way to start out!

So, what are you grateful for today?

2 thoughts on “Grati-Tuesday”

  1. I am grateful for my body’s ability to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. Especially with the holidays quickly approaching, my senses are what help me create memories, and I am grateful for that. I cannot imagine not being able to taste Thanksgiving dinner or not seeing my kids opening their presents on Christmas morning or not being able to hear Christmas music. I am grateful that my body is able to do these things!

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