School’s Out Forever!


+ Dallas was pretty set on taking our graduation announcement picture on top of the press box and I didn’t argue. I’m glad I didn’t, because I doubt anyone else had a picture like ours!

+ We’re finally done for real! I mean, we graduated in December, but I was taking some classes to keep my student jobs, and that was painful. Going to school when you don’t actually have to, especially when you’re like me and loathe college… Not a good idea. But we walked, and I’m not taking anymore classes, so I can finally get back to doing the things I love [Sewing + Blogging]!

+ 6 people in our families graduated this year!! Dallas’ Mom, Sandy, got her Bachelor’s and is the only one we got a picture with in our graduation regalia, but Nicole got her Bachelor’s, Nicole’s husband, Ben, got his Associates, and Ashley is graduating high school on June 2! We’re lucky be part of such a stellar family of graduates.

+ The second and third day of our NYC trip we walked 9 miles — per day (and who knows how many flights of stairs)! Allie Roundy (who is an amazing photographer!) hung out with us the first three days. One of our favorite things from those first days was the Empire State Building. We debated on going all the way to the top, but we are so glad we went. It was amazing, and Dallas got some pretty sweet panorama shots!

+ With my awesome luck, I got a really bad cold and stayed at our Airbnb and slept, watched movies, and chugged Gatorade. Dallas figured out how the subways worked, so he ventured out to China Town and a coding Meet Up in Manhattan. I was glad he was brave and didn’t just wait on me.

+ The last two days, I felt well enough to go out and see the last of what we REALLY wanted to see. The Statue of Liberty was beautiful and was one of my favorite things. The wind wasn’t very good for my congestion, but I just carried around almost an entire box of tissues, and I survived. We were one of the last of our group to fly out of NYC (7:45pm), so we took advantage of the extra time and went to Central Park. It is so green and beautiful and goes on forever! New York is a really cool place — a little too fast paced and exhausting for me — but we’re so glad we got to see it. It blows my mind that in just 5 hours I can be completely on the other side of the country!!

+ Dallas took the last picture and he is very proud of it. It’s gorgeous, right?! But I was not allowed to post it on Instagram or Facebook. He only deemed my blog a good enough place to post it. So here you have it! Our favorite picture from our New York trip.

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