DIY Union St. Tee (Scoop Neck)

Fabric: Jersey Knit from JoAnn’s
Pattern: Hey June, Union St. Tee

I decided on Friday that I was pretty much fed up with doing school work and job work and that I was going to take the afternoon for some ‘me-time’ and finally sew something (I was having withdrawals).

Lately, while I’ve been looking for fabric, I’ve been really thinking about what I would make with it and if it would be something I would really wear. I have decluttered my closet from 100+ shirts to around 20 shirts, and since I haven’t really bought any new clothes, it’s really making me want to sew up some comfy, cute new shirts. And fast.

I’m a serious jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I love dresses, and one day I will wear them all of the time, but the truth be told, I’m just going to keep reaching for that comfy tee in the morning that doesn’t make me stand out and makes me feel good.

I made the v-neck version of this shirt a few months ago for Selfish Sewing Week with Indie Sew, and I have been wanting to make the scoop neck ever since. I liked the v-neck, but I used cover stitching thread (which I found out later I had used the wrong way), and my serger settings made the hem  stretch kind of funny, and it was unfortunately too short for my liking (I should have thought about lengthening it since I’m a giraffe).

So this time around I was determined NOT to do those things.

I didn’t even cry once. Do any of you count that as a success if you don’t bawl your eyes out while sewing something? I actually did everything right! I went up one size (from a medium to a large) so that it was more of a comfy fit since my v-neck was a little more fitted. The other thing that I did was add 3 inches on the pattern to where it says “cut to lengthen/shorten here”.

The pattern is great, and the instructions are so detailed that I didn’t have any problems. Now I’m even more excited to make me another V-neck shirt the right way!

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