Sweet Chicken

When we were first married, Dallas was pretty set on figuring out how to make Cafe Rio’s Sweet Pork recipe. Since the whole roast and Coke recipe seemed really complicated and way to much stinkin’ work, we opted to try it out with chicken. We got pretty dang close, and we LOVE this recipe! This is our go to chicken … Continue reading “Sweet Chicken”


As I sat musing over the last week, things that had happened, and things that made me happy. I came to the conclusion that I am grateful for people. The last job I had left me pretty jaded and kind of ruined my faith in humanity. I knew it had taken a tole on me because I didn’t want to … Continue reading “Grati-Tuesday”

Peanut Butter Bars

This is another recipe I have been making since I was 9 years old, and it turns out great every time…Unless you’re 9 and you keep forgetting ingredients or you accidentally burn it. I swear my mom had so much patience with me when I was first learning to bake. If you have ever had peanut butter bars from the … Continue reading “Peanut Butter Bars”


Utah still can’t decide if it wants to be spring or winter. It snowed at the end of last week and by Saturday it was gorgeous 70 degree weather again. Thankfully it has stayed that way, and today I was able to walk around campus for a little while waiting for Dallas to get off work. I can’t help thinking … Continue reading “Grati-Tuesday”

Apricot Chicken

                        Apricot chicken is one of the favorites in the Frame and Hall households, and it is a dozen of my friends favorites too. It is extremely easy, quick, and so good! (+leftovers taste just as good!) When we moved to Fillmore, Utah at the end of my 8th … Continue reading “Apricot Chicken”


I follow one of the local radio stations on Facebook and the thing that I look forward to them posting every Tuesday, without fail, is Grati-Tuesday. It should be a thing. It is at least in my world and the Planet 94.1’s. I usually re-post it and say what I’m grateful for that day and see what everyone else is … Continue reading “Grati-Tuesday”

The Perfect Crepes

    A couple months after we were married, Dallas got super obsessed over crepes and at one point wanted to start a crepe cart or booth in town. I even got him a Camp Chef for his birthday and he was creating spreadsheets on what the cost and everything would be. After a while we decided it was a … Continue reading “The Perfect Crepes”

Mrs. Fields Cookies

I have made these chocolate chip cookies since I was 9 years old and they are literally the best chocolate chip cookie recipe I have ever made. The cookie dough is the best, and after you cook them (if they make it that far) the cookies are just as good as the dough! My mom doesn’t quite remember where we got … Continue reading “Mrs. Fields Cookies”

Black Bean Burgers

This is another “don’t knock it ’til you try it” recipe. Dallas’ family has a history of heart problems and not super good health, and that really scares me. So we have been trying to find healthier ways of eating that won’t make me want to kill myself. These actually turned out pretty good!! Shocker, right? We found the recipe … Continue reading “Black Bean Burgers”