DIY Dress

Fabric: Gray Jersey Knit from The Loft (Micheal Lavine’s Upstairs)
Pattern: similar and similar
Last first day of school… until we’re both officially graduated at least! Then I get to take classes for “fun”. Who does that? With Dallas having staff benefits, it would be dumb of me not to take classes for really cheap.
Last week, Dallas was so nice, and he let me get a big roll of craft paper from the store so that I could start making my own patterns from pieces of clothing I already own. I have been really wanting to ever since I watched this video from Modern Girl’s Sewing. And I did it! Man does that feel good.
I have wanted to make a dress like this for so long, and I had the cutest fabric for it! … Then I messed the top up, so I used the second cutest fabric for it! #thestruggleisreal
So comfortable. So worth the time it took to make.
Sewing Notes:
I used a basic H&M shirt that I own to make the top of the dress. The first time I made it, the neckline was too wide and too low. So if you are using a piece of clothing, make sure it’s modest enough for you and then make adjustments if needed. It’s always better to be safe.
The second time around, I brought the neckline up about 2 inches and in about an inch on the sides. Second times the charm, right?!
To gather the bottom half, I got some elastic and used the elastic gathering method. There are other techniques, like the floss method that seem to work just as good, but the elastic method looked a lot easier to me.
I was so excited because I was planning on putting pockets in this dress, but then after 8 hours, I just wanted to be done. So mark my words, my next project will have pockets. Stay tuned!
Don’t you love dresses with pockets? It should be a rule that all dresses and skirts have to have them.

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