Summer 2015 Favorites

 + Groovefest & Kanarraville Falls – At the end of June, Dallas’ and my families came to see us! Cedar City is basically named Festival City because we have so many stinkin’ festivals. Groovefest is actually one of the really fun ones, so we went Friday and Saturday night to look around at booths and enjoy all of the bands that were playing.

Saturday morning, we did the Kanarraville Falls Hike with my family, and it is one of my favorite hikes. It’s one that is really popular because there is a ladder you climb alongside a waterfall, and at the top you can slide down a smaller waterfall. You can see what I mean in the video at the bottom of this post. If you get a chance to do it anytime in your life, it is so worth it.

 + Cottonwood, Butler Wash Ruins, & Natural Bridges – Fourth of July weekend we made the long drive to Blanding, Utah where Dallas’ family lives. We wanted to do a lot of hikes while we were there, so first went to Cottonwood where there were tons of little tad polls in the water! Some of them were not so little, and that is why there is a weird picture of that slimy little creature above.

Next stop was Butler Wash Ruins. The ruins you could only see from a distance since there was no way to walk down to them (that we knew of), but you could walk to the natural bridge in the second picture above my head. It was really cool and also a little bit scary how high up we were. Like seriously. Watch the video below.

The last trip of the day was to Natural Bridges. We saw three bridges and we stayed at the last one until the sun went down because Dallas really wanted a long exposure of the stars above the bridge. It ended up being too cloudy and started to storm, so he got this sweet picture of the lightning strike instead!

 + Ensign Peak – This hike is definitely up there with Kanarraville Falls on my list of favorite hikes. My parents said it was a cool hike, but it pretty much blew my mind. Look at that view! I felt like I was on top of the world! Salt Lake got like 100 times cooler in my book after this.

 + Duck Creek Village & Cascade Falls – The last vacation of our summer was just up the mountain from where we live! I had never been all the way up the mountain to see Duck Creek Village, and even though it is red neck through and through, it is a really pretty place.

The pictures of my giant, crazy family are for your enjoyment. My aunts (in the picture with the selfie stick) all have children on missions, so the picture was for the missionaries to have a good laugh. The picture of my sisters was one of my favorites so I had to share. They are the weirdest and I love them.

We ventured out and explored the Mammoth Caves, the Mossy Cave Trail outside of Bryce Canyon, Cascade Falls, and Navajo Lake. The picture of the steps, and the picture of us and that great view was the Cascade Falls trail, and it was gorgeous.

On the way back down the mountain from Duck Creek, we pulled off the road, and Dallas got this last picture. It’s about a minute long exposure on top of our car because we left the tripod at the cabin on accident. The red light is from a car that drove by in the middle of it. Pretty cool!

Dallas was taking video for a lot of these trips, so I don’t have as many pictures as I would have liked… But now you have a cool video to watch of our summer adventures! Enjoy!

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