Bonn Dress

Bonn Dress by Itch to Stitch

I have wanted to make the Bonn Dress by Itch to Stitch ever since it was part of the Indiesew Fall/Winter Collection in 2016. That was back when I was still really intimidated by button up shirts, so I figured it would be a while until I actually made it. I have heard SO many good things about Itch to Stitch patterns, so I knew that making the Bonn Dress was going to be a good experience.

Bonn Dress by Itch to Stitch

I was amazed at the amount of detail in the pattern instructions. Sometimes I find patterns that leave out certain things, like seam allowances or the fabric cutting layout, but Kennis (Itch to Stitch Owner) didn’t leave out a single thing! I was very happy about that. There are even separate front bodice pieces for EVERY cup size! [Funny story about that, and word of caution: If you are printing the pattern through a copy shop, make sure you only print the pages you need. There are 7 pages in the pattern and instead of checking why there were so many pages, I printed the WHOLE THING. (*face palm*) Oh well. I really only needed 3 of the pages. Haha!]

The instructions and illustrations were right up there with all of my favorite pattern designers because of the amount of detail and clarity. I loved that it took less time to make since I wasn’t doing cuffs or a full collar. I already have a RTW shirt that is similar to this design that I love and wear all the time, so I knew I would love this dress.

Bonn Dress by Itch to Stitch

This was only my third time doing a collar (my 2 Cheyenne Tunics were my first), and it’s always a little bit of a frustrating experience because I am apparently not very good at seam allowances or ironing, even though I try very hard. Collars are just tricky, and it took me an extra 1.5 times of trying to get the front and inside to look marginally better than it did the first time. I’m fairly happy with it now, but I know it’s something I will get better at with more practice. Maybe by my 10th one I’ll get it perfect! 😉

Probably my favorite part of button up shirt making is the button placket. Is that weird? I love sewing it on, and even though the button holes heighten my anxiety, I am so happy with it when it’s finished. I was struggling to find buttons for this dress and I got some in town, but they were more expensive and not really what I was looking for. I don’t have a button ‘stash’ or very many craft stores nearby, so I asked on my Instagram Stories where people liked buying buttons online (because with all of the things I have coming up that require buttons, I was panicking a little).

Rachael (@rachaelannsews) mentioned that Bennos Buttons in Dallas, Texas was amazing and that they had a website. So I checked it out and sure enough, I was sold. I got these coconut buttons for this dress, and 6 other kinds that were sold by the dozen. I’m definitely ordering from here again in the future! I loved the island-y feel of this fabric, so I was dead set on getting coconut buttons. I was very happy with these!

This fabric is rayon challis from Indiesew, and by some miracle, Allie still has some! Indiesew fabric usually sells out fast, and much of the time she can’t restock since many of their fabrics are overstock.

My sewing tall adjustments were to lengthen by 1.25″ just above the dart (my lazy way of lowering the bust dart), lengthen by 1″ at the waistline, and lengthen 3″ below the hip area. I made the size 8, B cup view, and graded out to a 10 at the hips. This made the bottom of the dress a little more shift dress like and not quite as a-lined, which I was fine with. I didn’t really want wear the dress with the waist tie, but I still have plenty of fabric left for one if I change my mind. I like the length, but if I do make the dress version again I will probably add 2″ more. Since I added so much length, I also added an extra button at the bottom.

The only other change I made was to not fold the sleeve cuff up after sewing with the 1 7/8″ SA. I liked the look and the length of the sleeves, so I just left them.

I am really excited to make more Itch to Stitch patterns since now that I know how good they are! I’m definitely making the shirt version of this pattern soon, and I plan on getting the Anza Jumpsuit and Dress, because I LOVE the style. Making the jumpsuit is still to be decided, but I’m definitely making the dress! How do you feel about the jumpsuit trend?


The fabric for this post was provided by Indiesew. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

4 thoughts on “Bonn Dress”

  1. Beautiful as always! I love the fabric and the buttons! I just looked at the Anza jumpsuit. It is so cute! I have yet to be brace enough to try wearing one, but I think they are so cute on other people.

    1. Thank you, Sky!! I totally agree with you on jumpsuits. I’m definitely going to try the dress version and then decided if I’m up for the jumpsuit after that.

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