Lodo Dress

Did everyone just buy the Lodo Dress by True Bias  as soon as it was released?? I totally did, and I was so excited when I saw a few people use this same fabric, just in different colorways. I was pretty set on making this fabric into something else, but it was perfect for the Lodo and I’m SO glad I changed my mind!

I sewed up a size 12 in view A. The first time I sewed it up, I made the mistake of just making the bottom longer instead of lengthening at the waist like I usually do (because I was being extra lazy). That ended the way I knew it would… (duh Tori, your hips are not in the same place as the average person). So, we’ll call the first one my “muslin,” because I had 3 yards of the fabric, and I just made it again. The right way. The second time, I lengthened it 7 inches at the waist, and it turned out perfect!

The instructions were written well and the illustrations were easy to understand. The second time I made the dress I didn’t even have to look at the instructions! So that tells you how easy this dress really is.

It is so comfortable, and the woven neck and armscye binding is genius! I have been avoiding v-necks because I had really good beginners luck with my first one a couple years ago, and then after that it went way downhill. This neckline was SO much easier and it lays SO nicely when the dress is on.

Both the maroon knit fabric and the black linen (that I used for the binding) are from JoAnn’s. When I get daring enough, I might try adding regular sleeves since I have undergarments that show a bit at the sleeve opening, but other than that I love how mine turned out!

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  1. This looks fantastic! Your comment about your hips not being in the same place as a normal person made me laugh!

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