California Dreamin’ 2016

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+ Words cannot express how much we love Long Beach, California. We will live there one day. Long Beach is such a nice area with tons of shopping, seriously amazing food, and the beach! The people there are also so friendly, and we always feel so at home there.

We stayed right across the street from Alamitos Bay (which has a beach) and we were only two blocks from Long Beach (beach to the ocean). On 2nd street there is so much shopping and not a single food place that will disappoint.

Our favorite places were George’s Greek Cafe (we ate there twice and ordered the same thing because it was so good!), Roe (a fish market that makes fish and chips the size of my head and the poke tacos are to die for, according to Dallas), and Powell’s Sweet Shoppe (They have everything!! If you like sour candy, they have sour candy that will knock your socks off.)

We really like the beach at Long Beach because it goes on forever and they have separate run/walk and bike paths along the whole beach. Last year we ran on it a lot more, but this year it was a little harder for me to have the energy for that. Next time we plan on me getting roller blades, and Dallas is going to get a long board for the trip. 🙂

+ Corona Del Mar was the beach we always went to when I was younger, and it’s my other favorite beach. The tide pools, full of hermit crabs and other ocean life, are the coolest, and I never get sick of them. It’s not a very big beach, but it’s so pretty. This time we parked up the hill on the street so that we didn’t have to pay for parking! Score.

+ We almost didn’t go to Galco’s this year, but I knew it is one of Dallas’ favorite places, plus we were doing fabric shopping the same day, so I knew he would appreciate us doing something that he likes. This soda shop has all of the soda you can dream of and you can even make your own!

+ I went a little crazy at the LA fashion district buying fabric, but it was so worth it and you cannot believe how much fabric I got. The fabric at Michael Levine’s, The Loft, is sold by the POUND. Need I say more? And any of the shops surrounding only cost $1-3 a yard depending on the fabric type. This is my Disneyland.

+ We didn’t want to miss a chance to go to the Newport Beach Temple again this year. The temple is so pretty and landscape is amazing (all the heart eyes). If you go, just make sure you check their schedule beforehand. They only have sessions every hour and some ordinances they only do at certain times.

+ I know so many of my friends and family who wonder when I tell them about Airbnb, but you should really go check it out! I am so happy we found it so that I never have to pay for or sleep in a hotel room ever again. The place we stayed this time is by far our favorite!! We would stay there again in a heartbeat and Kelley, the host, is fabulous.

Our vacations have been so much better since using Airbnb to book places to stay. We have paid way less than hotels, and we feel much more at home when we travel. You can stay anywhere in the world and in the coolest places!! I could be on that website all day looking at all of the castles and tree houses I could stay in.

You can get $30 off when you sign up and book your next place to stay! If you have any questions about Airbnb or Long Beach, please comment or contact me, and I could tell you about them both all day long!

(Side note: Airbnb isn’t paying me to say this. We seriously just love it.)

It’s summer, people! Where’s your next vacation? 🙂

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