DIY Knit Pencil Skirt

Fabric: Thick knit fabric from Jo-Ann Fabric
Pattern: Mimi’s DIY Pencil Skirt Tutorial

When I go to stores and see their stretchy fabric skirts, I always get this glimpse of hope that one might just fit me. Every time, it turns out to be a complete fail, and even the x-large is too tight. It’s times like these when sewing knowledge comes in handy so I can make something custom fit to me!

Knit fabric skirts are easy, and they really don’t take very much time to make. I chose a thick knit fabric so that I didn’t have to make a  lining or have to wear a slip with it.

Jo-Ann’s is having some great doorbuster sales this Saturday on their apparel fabric, and you can count on me being one of the first ones there at 9am. Check the sales at your local fabric store this week and snag some fabric too, so you can sew up something fun for the all of the holiday parties coming up!

Sewing Notes

I followed Mimi’s DIY Pencil Skirt Tutorial, but I made some changes. The first time I followed the tutorial, I used my waist measurement, and it was not very pretty. The second time, I learned from that mistake, and I used my hips measurement and added another comfortable inch so that it wouldn’t cling in any uncomfortable places.

One important thing I noticed in her video is that she said to attach the elastic to the wrong side of the fabric, which is wrong. You attach the elastic to the right side so that once it’s attached you can fold it to the inside of the skirt.

If you are a little new to sewing, Mimi’s video is very informative, and I learned a couple things from it too. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!

And of course, Happy Thanksgiving!! Is anyone as excited about the sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows as I am?

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