DIY Sequin Skirt

shirt: similar / skirt: made by me / shoes: Payless

Fabric: Jo-Ann’s / mesh sequin fabric (diamond pattern) & navy nylon fabric
Pattern: Based from this tutorial, a few adjustments made since I had 3 layers. (see sewing notes)

^ I’m a little tea pot, anyone? That’s what Dallas was singing when he took that shot.

I’m making a skirt for my sisters birthday and this was supposed to be the “test” skirt (let’s be honest, I just wanted one too). After I finished, I realized it wasn’t really like the picture she had sent me of the skirt she wanted. So it’s time for round 2! (Oh darn)

Also, since sewing machines and sergers don’t like going over sequins very much, I unpicked a good amount of them while making this skirt…And they’re still all over my carpet. Like sparkly confetti.

It’s tough to say when I’ll find the motivation to pick them all up…

Sewing Notes:

Looking at the tutorial now, I realize that I didn’t make the skirt as big around as I should have.

In Merrick’s tutorial, it shows her sewing the two big rectangles with right sides together, right? Well, both of those rectangles should be you waist measurment x 1.5 … I did ONE, and just sewed it together.

(*palm to the face*) Guys. I’m really good at reading stuff. But I’m not even mad, because it turned out really cute.

So if you were to do TWO rectangles that size, your skirt will be much more flowy instead of looking like a pencil skirt, like mine. I’m also convinced that working with three layers threw me off a little.

How I did three layers: I took the top sides (what will become the waist) of all three layers and serged them together, leaving about 1-2inches un-serged on the ends. Then, so that the different layers would flow separately, I sewed each layer together individually (sewing as close to the serge as possible so there wasn’t a huge whole at the top), starting with the outside, most visible layer first.

Once I sewed all three layers separately, I sewed the waistband to the serged (top) part of the skirt (right-sides together). Then I folded over and pressed the waist band and sewed it again, sewing as close to the edge as possible to make it look nice on the outside of the skirt.

After that, I pretty much followed the rest of the tutorial (inserting the stretchy waistband and sewing up the hole). Yay for not having to hem the mesh fabric!!

Let me know if you guys have any questions or comments!  I would love to hear them!

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  1. Tori, I am so impressed! Good job on the sequin skirt. You are amazing, and I really like your determination to try new things, even when they are difficult. Love you, Grandma Frame

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