No Sweat Pants + Blackwood Cardigan

Blackwood Cardigan + No Sweat Pants Blackwood Cardigan + No Sweat Pants

I know we are all dying for spring to get here, but a good majority of people probably still have some cold days ahead. So I’m really excited to share my last cozy makes with you to help you last through until it’s officially warm every day.

Indiesew recently released the “No Sweat” Pants with their Seamly Spring Collection. These are super easy to sew up, and after tracing and cutting the fabric, I had them finished in 2 hours! I put Braden down for a nap around 10am, and at noon when it was time for us to leave for our plans at beach, I was all done! Mine are sewn in a super soft french terry that I got from Fabric Outlet in San Francisco.

Blackwood Cardigan + No Sweat Pants

For those wondering, the No Sweat Pants are a little bit similar in construction to the Hudson Pants, but there are a few design differences. The pockets are a bit different, and I love that the No Sweat Pants have bigger pockets that are deeper. They also don’t have a draw string, which saves a lot of time in the construction. They are designed to be tighter around the hips and thighs and have a scrunched look above the cuffs. The cuffs are also not as wide as the Hudson’s cuffs. I have a 31.5″ waist and 41″ hips, so I should have made the large, but since I went by old measurements, I made the XL. Always re-measure yourself! πŸ™‚

I love them and have worn them to many times already, but next time I will make the large (probably in black!). I also noticed that when I made the XL, the cuffs were much more loose than I preferred. So later, I took them off and cut the size large cuffs. After I serged the sides, and before attaching them to the pants, I slipped them over my ankle to check that they were snug enough and would slip on and off my feet easily. After that, I took another 3/8″ off and now they are perfect! So — learn from my mistake and be sure to test the cuffs before sewing them on.

Blackwood Cardigan + No Sweat Pants Blackwood Cardigan + No Sweat Pants

If I would have just cut out the elastic at its recommended size and not tried it out, it would have been much too big, so make sure you always test the elastic as well. Allie with Indiesew wrote a really good blog post on fitting the No Sweat Pants, so be sure to check it out before making your own.

Seamly always has such good illustrations and directions, so I never have any problems understanding and sewing their patterns together. The only #sewingtall adjustment I made was to add 2″ at the lengthen/shorten line.

Blackwood Cardigan + No Sweat Pants

My other recent cozy make is easily my most favorite cardigan in my closet now! I have had this beautiful ribbed knit since November, and I was so excited to finally have time to sew it into the Blackwood Cardigan by Helen’s Closet. I’m apparently on a kick with Helen’s patterns, but they are seriously so good!

Helen’s patterns and instructions are so easy to read and understand. Some of you may know, but in college I got my minor in graphic design and Helen is a graphic designer, so I really appreciate how well designed her patterns are.Β The only #sewingtall adjustment I made was to lengthen the bodices (and front band pieces) by 2″.

This ribbed knit is from Indiesew, and I was so glad that I got some before it sold out!Β I was able to finish sewing this in about 3 hours. I used a LOT of wonder tape to get the pockets to stay in place while I sewed them. All I have to say about knit pockets is that the next time I sew them again will be too soon. Haha. But they were worth it, because I love their size, and their placement on this cardigan is really good.

Blackwood Cardigan + No Sweat Pants Blackwood Cardigan + No Sweat Pants

It was smooth sailing after that, but I was paying less attention at the end and sewed the front tow band pieces together backwards, so I was confused when I was serging it onto the cardigan and the notches were in weird spots…(*face palm*). But it worked out okay, and I definitely won’t do that when I make this pattern again. After top stitching the front band, I decided I wanted to top stitch the bottom band too. It got a little bit stretched out because I just used a regular presser foot (my machine’s walking foot makes me want to chuck it across the room every time), but steam ironing it really well made it look a bit better.

I have already worn both of these a lot and although it’s in the 60-70’s in Santa Barbara every day, these are going to be nice for the colder mornings and evenings. It’s also nice to have a few things made that I will wear all the time next fall and winter.

What are your favorite cozy patterns? Is it still cold where you live, or is it starting to finally get warm again?

This is a Indiesew Blogger Team post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


8 thoughts on “No Sweat Pants + Blackwood Cardigan”

    1. They are both such easy sews you could definitely make them easily and quickly, girl! πŸ˜‰ I wear mine ALL the time lately!

  1. Lovely makes! Thanks for sharing your Blackwood, I am so happy to hear you like the design of the patterns and instructions. Making the booklets is my favourite part!

    1. Thank you, Helen! The booklet would probably be my favorite part too. The design is something I definitely pay attention to when I get new patterns, so excellent job!

  2. Hello, I just had a question about the knit fabric used for the No Sweat Pants: could you use a two-way stretch or does it need to be a 4-way stretch? Thanks!

    1. Hi Allison! I just checked the instructions and it doesn’t specify, but it does say it needs to be at least 40% stretch. I would just make sure you cut the pants so that the stretch is going horizontal around your legs and backside so that you can get them on when you’re finished. I don’t think vertical is as important, but you may get some bagging at the knees. I hope that helps! Allie Olson is the person who helped make the patterns, so she would be a great person to reach out to if you any questions. She her Instagram is allieolson.patterns and she responds very well. πŸ™‚

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