Panama Tee Dress [View C, Short Sleeve]

Okay. My love for this pattern is no joke, and it doesn’t end here. This is view C of the Panama Tee Dress by Alina Design Co. View C is the maxi length, and it flares out a little bit so that even though it’s long, it’s still easy to walk in. I think next time I make the dress this long, I’m going to  add side slits to make it a little more easy to walk in, and change up the style.

This fabric is from Britex Fabrics in San Francisco. It is the coolest fabric store, and they have the most amazing fabrics and sewing notions. I got this fabric when they were doing a big remnants sale in April, and it was a good price. It was labeled “spandex?”. Haha! So, I’m not exactly sure what blend it is, but I don’t think it’s 100% spandex. It has really good recovery, is a really great weight, and it’s nice and comfortable.

To adjust the pattern for my height, I just added 2 inches to the waist (like I normally do), and 1 inch to the bottom.

This dress is the PERFECT dress for just about anything: grocery shopping, doing laundry, exploring the city, date night, etc. It’s becoming my go-to pattern because I love all three views, plus I can change the sleeve length, neckline, and hem length so stinkin’ easily. If you want to read more about my thoughts on the Panama Tee Dress, you can also read this blog post.

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