I don’t have a question for this week because it’s already late on Tuesday and I’m no quitter.

I’m currently feeding a hungry baby and I’ve been sick since Sunday with a horrible cold – That should NOT be aloud when you have an almost two month old. But since there’s not much I can do about that I just pray that 7pm comes quickly so that Dallas is home again.

Today (and yesterday), I’m especially grateful for freezer meals from Trader Joe’s that can be made in 20 minutes, a husband who has done all of the dishes, and Puffs plus lotion tissues. I ran out of tissues right before Dallas got home and toilet paper is NOT the same. Don’t worry – Dallas brought me 3 more giant boxes. 🙂

So what are you grateful for? Even if it’s not Tuesday when you see this, I want to know! 🙂

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