What place are you most grateful for?

I am most grateful for home – where ever that is at the moment. I’ve moved quite a few times, so I’m not really fond of the question “Where are you from?”, but I do like the places I’ve lived and the people I’ve been able to meet from moving so many times.

Right now, home is in Millbrae, California, and if I’m being honest, it’s one of my favorites. We’ve only been here for two weeks, but we love the area, our church/ward, and we are so grateful to have found such a good apartment for a few months until Dallas finishes school and gets a job.

I’m also grateful for my home in Bountiful, where my parents live. I’ve never lived in Bountiful, but my parents have lived there for a few years now and it’s still like home because that is where my family lives/gathers. That’s what is important anyways. It would be cool to have a house or a town/city that i grew up in my whole life, but I’ve come to learn that the place isn’t as important as the people who are there with you.

So what are you grateful for today?

Also, sorry for the choppy, jumbled writing. I’m currently typing one handed, and I’m really going to try hard to get back into this, but right now I feel like taking care of this adorable baby is turning my brains to mush. Thank you in advance for your patience and support. Practice makes better. 🙂 Happy Tuesday!

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