Grati-TuesdayWhat sound are you grateful for today?

Today we had another doctors appointment and it was the usual – get measured and listen to the babies heart beat. This time he was super excited about something (it may have been the cinnamon toast and chocolate I ate right before…), and the doctor had to wait a minute for him to calm down so she could get his heart rate.

I don’t know how many appointments we’ve had now, but I remember the first time I heard his heart beat so strong, I couldn’t help it, and I started crying happy tears! It was just so good to hear. Then at another appointment Dallas recorded it on his phone and we sent it to our parents to listen to, and everyone was so excited.

After a while though, it just becomes normal and you just think, “Oh good, there’s his heart beat again”. But aren’t so many things in life like that? You get so excited when you accomplish something or you see someone you really love and then after a while it’s like you become dis-enchanted with it for some reason.

On one of my first appointments it took a minute to find Braden’s heart beat, but my doctor checked with me and made sure I had heard it too. She said that one time a girl had come in because her doctor had checked the heart beat and said it was there, but she hadn’t heard it. So when she came to my doctor and couldn’t find it, the baby had actually not made it. So she was always very careful and made sure that the mothers could actually hear the baby’s heart beat too.

I am so grateful today to have heard Braden’s heart beat, and I am fully aware of the huge miracle it is for me to be carrying him. I am so grateful for that and for Grati-Tuesday which makes me think of things that I have forgotten how really and truly grateful I am for a lot of things.

So, what sound are you grateful for today? Or what is something you have forgotten, that you are grateful for?

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