Utah still can’t decide if it wants to be spring or winter. It snowed at the end of last week and by Saturday it was gorgeous 70 degree weather again. Thankfully it has stayed that way, and today I was able to walk around campus for a little while waiting for Dallas to get off work.

I can’t help thinking of the big things in my life that I am grateful for- like school being over soon and being done with the biggest projects of the semester, but I have been trying to think of little things that I am grateful for. Here are a few that I thought of:
+Allergy pills. Since it’s really nice outside and really cools down at night, I slept with the window open last night. The pollen in the air made me to feel like I was drowning when I woke up and made me sneeze like 10 times this morning. I am so grateful for modern medicine and how much it helps curb our discomforts at times.
+Lilacs. Since it snowed last week, there were a few lilac bushes that took the hit and didn’t make it. Dallas was so sweet and drove around with me on Sunday to see if we could find any bushes that were living, and we did! Lilacs are my favorite flower, and you really grow to appreciate them because they only bloom once a year for about a week. Thankfully, we caught them when they were getting ready to bloom, so I’m sure by the weekend they’ll be looking and smelling gorgeous!

+Health. Dallas was sick last week, and I have been lucky not to get it…yet. I don’t think we realize how nice it is to breathe out of both nostrils, or not feel like our heads are giant water balloons… until we get sick and think, “Oh, that was actually pretty nice.” I thought about it this morning as I was walking around outside enjoying the weather. Even though I had mild allergies, I was grateful that I felt good and that I could take it in with all of my senses.

What are you grateful for? It can be big or small, but I would love if you told me in the comments below. Have a great Tuesday!

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