Yes, this is still titled Grati-“Tuesday” even though it’s Wednesday, because these are all of the things I was grateful for yesterday, and am still grateful for today. Yesterday was a hard stinkin’ day. Mostly because I’m a girl, and once a month—like clockwork—my body decides to make me have a complete meltdown.

I will admit that it was hard to be grateful for things when I was such a embarrassing mess, but looking back on it, it’s a little easier. I ended up taking a shower, and that calmed me down, but afterwards I went to get a drink and I decide to drink out of the only bright pink cup in our cupboard.

A few months ago at Ikea we were just walking around with my mom, and I saw a set of plastic cups that were all a different colors and made up the ‘rainbow’ colors (as my childhood-self …and adult-self would call them). They were so beautiful that I had to get them.

But lets be honest, I just wanted the pink one. And since they were plastic, I was sold. (Side note: I’ve broken a least half of the glasses we got for our wedding 3 years ago. I now know why our family only had plastic cups while I was growing up.)

I also think that when I bought those cups, I justified buying them because one day I would have a really crappy day and that pink cup would make me so happy. So thank you to my past self, because it totally worked!

So today and every day, I am grateful for pretty pink cups.


Everyone has that thing at home, whether it’s a pink cup, a pair of shoes, or a comfortable blanket, that makes them happy. What is that special thing that makes you happy?

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