Today while getting Christmas cards ready to mail out (yay!), I was getting kind of cold, so I went over to the thermostat and turned on the heater. I also was getting hungry, so I walked over to the oven and turned it on.

I didn’t have to chop down a tree today. I didn’t have to chop wood today. I didn’t even have to struggle to start a fire today. I simply pressed a couple buttons and my house warmed up, and I was able to make some lunch.

Today, while I look out my window at the never-ending blizzard going on outside, I am grateful for heaters and ovens. They are seriously awesome inventions.

What are you grateful for today? Please, share what you are grateful for in the comments. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Grati-Tuesday”

  1. I am so thankful for my baby. He is napping extra long right now and I want to go wake him up so we can snuggle! Jordan also got a promotion and a huge Christmas bonus this week, so I am so thankful for our financial blessings.

    1. Those are awesome things, Jamie! Thank you 🙂 Congrats to Jordan on the promotion and bonus! Dallas got paid out on some comp. time recently and it has helped a ton with Christmas coming up. I'm so glad you guys are doing well!

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