One of my favorite quotes is, “What you take for granted, someone else is praying for.” 

I was talking to my mom other day and we weren’t talking about this quote specifically, but the same principle. We were talking about a book that I got us both when we were having a rough time at the beginning of the year. 
The book is called The Bright Side Up. It’s probably one of my favorite books and Amy Spencer has really great stories and perspectives on things throughout the book (Dallas, my mom, and I all recommend it! Make sure you have a highlighter in hand while reading it).
My mom had just read the chapter “Feel the warmth within the quills”, and Amy talks about how her husband always leaves the toothpaste all gnarled like it’s been run over by a golf cart after he uses it, and he leaves the lights on throughout the house like a Hansel and Gretel trail. She says how easy it is to get upset about those things, but that if the cost of love is dealing with a few silly habits, she’s in.
I was washing my sink full of dishes (that I really didn’t want to wash) tonight and thought about the quote and the conversation with my mom last week, and my perspective changed on how I felt at that moment.
As I was washing them, I thought about what all of my dirty dishes were from. There were dishes from yesterday when we had invited Dallas brother, Adam, over for dinner, and there were dishes from today’s lunch and dinner, both meals Dallas had made. My take away from this was that we had enough food to share with someone yesterday, and I didn’t even have to make my own meals today! If that means I have to do a sink full of dishes, I’m in.
Monday’s are our grocery shopping day and since it’s been such a long couple of weeks, it gets harder and harder to plan meals and keep the motivation to go grocery shopping when Monday roles around. But what I tend to forget is that we can afford a weeks worth of groceries, and that I’m going to eat pretty good every day that week. If that means an hour or two out of my week planning and shopping, I’m in.
So with that, today I am grateful for dirty dishes and weekly trips to the grocery store.
Now I want to know what you are grateful for! I would love to know if you leave me a note in the comments. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Grati-Tuesday”

  1. I'm so grateful for the naps my teething baby has taken today. It is great to get a chance to lay down myself! I'm also really loving this new Doterra cleaner my sister in law gave me. It makes my house smell like fall:)

    1. I'm so glad you got some rest today Jamie! I hear teething babies are exhausting sometimes so I'm sure it was a nice break. 🙂 And I also love it when my house smells good!

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