The Scream 2015

This was my attempt at Clark Kent and Superman. Dallas has NEVER dressed up for The Scream because he’s always working. He was working last night, but I new that if I made him a Superman cape he would totally wear it…or I would make him.

I made his cape 2 hours before it started…Crazy? Probably. It was my first time doing pleats by myself and I even impressed myself! Besides being too wide in the shoulders, it turned out much better than the skirt I tried making yesterday (#fail), so I was happy.

The theme for this years Scream was haunted mansion, so Dallas had fun hanging things from the Rotunda ceiling. Our favorite things were the mentalist (mind blown) and caricature artists to draw people in their costumes. Adam’s caricature drawing was the best. Isn’t Adam the best Elton John?!

It was so fun, and nice to hang out with Dallas and Adam. Thankfully, this morning I slept in, so the rest of the day consists of homework and seeing if there is candy left at any stores before trick-or-treaters start showing up.

Happy Halloween!

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